DIR-Mexico represents the culmination of the efforts of Christophe Le Maillot, Daniel Riordan and Fred Devos to promote excellence in all facets of diving.

They are dedicated cave divers, educators, and explorers who are eager to share the splendors of the Yucatan underwater cave realm with prospective divers.

For individuals seeking high quality cave training, they provide a rigorous, demanding and comprehensive curriculum.

They believe that only a rigorous and thorough program will ensure that divers have the requisite abilities and knowledge to respond to the challenges of what can be an unforgiving environment.  

By working to create a solid cave diving foundation, one essential to a safe and enjoyable cave experience, they seek to enhance the proficiency of their students. To the trained cave diver, their intimate knowledge of the Mexican caves provides a singular perspective from which to experience the beauty of the Yucatan caves. Whatever your level of training, Danny, Chris and Fred can provide you with a well-organized and suitable dive program that will serve to augment your experience.