Course Outcomes


GUE’s Cave Diver Level 2 course is designed to expand the cave diving skills of experienced Cave 1 trained divers. Among its outcomes are: a focus on environmental awareness, capacity with extended penetration dives, advanced navigation, use of jump spools, enhanced team awareness, advanced problem resolution, stress management and use of a stage bottle.


GUE Cave Level 2


Information for Cave Level 2 will be coming......

Equipment Requirements:


Each student should have, and be familiar with, all of the following required equipment.


Participants are responsible for providing all equipment or for making provisions to secure the use of necessary equipment before the start of the course. All items should be labelled with name or initials. Please contact us with any equipment related questions or concerns.



Please contact us for further information about scheduling a GUE Cave 2 course.


Cave Diver Level 2

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