The eastern part of the Yucatan has emerged in the last 10 years as one of the most prevalent cave diving locations in the world. In fact, it wasn't until the mid-eighties that this potential cave bonanza was revealed. So far, over one million feet of surveyed cave passageways have been revealed. This astonishing number is still considered by many to be a very limited sample of what the area really has to offer.

In reality, 90% of the caves here are still unexplored. But what really grasps the visiting cave diver's attention is the splendor and magnificence of the local underground scenery. Stalactites, columns, flow stones, draperies, travertine pools, and soda straws are but a few on a long list of striking features.


Excellent water clarity all year round, adds up to the many reasons the certified cave divers should visit Yucatan caves.


We recognize and promote the value of experiencing the caves with a knowledgeable and well informed guide.  In your ultimate interest, the guided cave dives extend your enjoyment through extensive bottom time and well thought out dive plans. An abundant array of diving possibilities can be more safely carried out.  We can guarantee that out of the seventy neighboring cave systems, a countless number of them will match your abilities and level of training. 
It is difficult to categorize them collectively since characteristics such as flow, depth, silt, restricted passageways, halocline, formations and rooms are greatly assorted from one particular site to the next. With so much diversity underground, each repeated visit to the Yucatan will always bring a true feeling of discovery.


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